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The World Wide Web is undoubtedly a great place for information; however it has its fair share of Viruses and Trojans. The last thing you want is your networks to be infested by an unwanted virus, imagine the chaos it would cause and the cost of getting this removed. Why put all of that valuable data at risk?

An Antivirus solution is a critical component for any network, that’s why Reach Internet work with a number of solution providers to ensure that you are fully protected, these range from single annual licenses through multi-year site licences to a fully-fledged cloud based system giving real time AV monitoring across an entire estate. A standard user Licence will protect a user for Antivirus, Spyware, Trojan Horses and Network Threat Protection all of which is fully controlled by the local user. An Enterprise Edition would be installed on a local server and then local users would be managed from this server however this would require a local administrator.

Our cloud based Antivirus solution provided by Symantec or Panda gives you a fully managed and protected network infrastructure where Reach Internet can monitor Real Time intrusions or Threats and can then alert you. We can also monitor what machines have been updated or have failed and can even see if any are infected with viruses. This fully managed solution provides you with peace of mind and ensures you that you are fully protected. Pricing is very competitive and this is a really value for money all in one solution.

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