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PSTN & Conventional Lines

Keeping your Phone Connected

It is impossible to quantify an exact saving as the industry is forever changing, and one package is never identical to another. We are however able to confirm that regardless of the destination the quality of the call will be superior and the cost lower. We never compromise cost savings for a reduction in service. We only route calls to all destinations around the world through tier 1 carriers. The call services are supplied at the same grade quality you will receive from BT.

We have made sure that our standard contract terms are as small as possible to provide you with the greatest flexibility. We want to reward all our customers with low cost line rental, not just those who want to commit to long term contractually. For new line installations there is a minimum contract term of just 3 months and for transferred lines just 30 days.

All calls are billed by the second, thus a call lasting 1 second is billed for as 1 second without rounding it up to the nearest minute of pence, and there are no minimum call charges applied.

Key features

  • Short term contracts available
  • Low cost line rental
  • Per second billing
  • No minimum call charges
  • No call connection charges

Switching just your calls from your existing phone provider to us doesn’t affect your line rental contract or phone number. You will still retain all the services you have been used to and will be billed separately for the line rental subscription by your existing provider. There is no additional equipment to install, and no additional digits to dial.

The majority of customers can be fully live on our platform and making calls at a reduced tariff within 10 working days.

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