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EFM Services

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is another alternative option available to some customers depending on its availability in their area. It is fast becoming a popular way to connect your offices to the Internet, or to connect two offices to each other where fibre is either not available or cost prohibitive.

Offering a symmetrical guaranteed bandwidth and a 1:1 contention ratio you have the same consistent download and upload speeds that is not shared with anyone. As the bandwidth is neither shared, nor capped, you will not see any fluctuations in speed at peak times or from other users, only what is being consumed by your own staff will affect the performance of the circuit.

EFM can offer up to 35Mb/s in some locations, far exceeding traditional DSL products and comparative with FTTC if available. The actual speed you can get depends on several factors, whether or not your local telephone exchange has been EFM-enabled and how far away you are from that exchange. Distance from an exchange is measured by the length of the copper cables linking your premises to your local telephone exchange not the actual distance as the crow flies, cabling does not always take the shortest route between two points.

Reliability is critical to any business, typical ADSL and SDSL services are delivered over only one pair of copper wires, whereas EFM is delivered over two or more pairs of copper wires up-to a maximum of 8. This enables a more resilient service to be created that is usually covered by an SLA (Service Level Agreement). As the circuit is not dependent on any one pair, if one or more stops working you still have a connection even though it will operate at a slower speed. This is made possible by the pairs for any single EFM circuit being distributed over different equipment within an exchange.

Benefits of using EFM

  • Improved reliability using multiple copper pairs (up to a maximum of 8)
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • 1:1 contention ratio
  • Enhanced support with SLA guarantee
  • High speed connectivity up to 35Mbps

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