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Fibre Optics

Moving towards a new age of ultra fast connections

The next generation of Network Cabling is Fibre Optics; these glass fibres inside an insulated plastic casing allow very high speeds over long distances. Using tiny pluses of light LED or Laser these cables carry communications signals such as data, image, video and voice at very reliable speeds. With no electrical interference and a much lighter cable with speeds of 1Gbps or 10Gbps fibre is definitely the way forward.

Installation of fibre cables is a specialist art, here at Reach Internet we are able to install and test fibre cables of different types and sizes. Depending on the length of the cable we are able to install Single Mode or Multiple mode Fibre cable into your premises. Termination is achieved by either hand polishing to a high standard or Fibre Splicing both of which can be provided.  Reach Internet owns its own Fujikura Fibre Splicing machine the FSM-60S is a very high standard fusion splicer. The FSM-60S sets the standards for fusion splicing with its rugged features and consistent splicing performance this splicer is the best for choice.  This fusion splicer can splice a single fibre within 9 seconds and you can ensure a very good quality splice.

Once we have terminated the Fibre’s we then test each fibre using specialist testing equipment to ensure the best possible installation. We test each fibre and ensure that is it’s less than 1% db noise loss once we are happy we will then issue you with a Test Report and Certificate for the installation.  We own our own fibre testing equipment with the Noyes CKM-2 Loss Test Kit we can ensure a very high standard of fibre installation with minimal loss.

Alternatively pre-cut cable that is pre terminated can be installed at locations where the length of the cable is known. All of our pre terminated Fibre is off a very high grade which is fully tested and this makes it easier to install at the site where there may be poor lighting and dusty areas.

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