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Hosting Environment for your Business

Reach Internet is primarily focused on Hosting we host a range of services which we have specialised in providing for a number of years.  We have been focused towards the business market and we host many services to many businesses across the country and aboard.  We provide a number of servers in our secure data centre location which include Email Hosting, Website Hosting, DNS Routing, VoIP Services and various bespoke customer colocation services.  We host our services in a very secure environment based in the Midlands we have been here for a number of years. 

With a near 99.99% uptime rate we can ensure that we provide the best hosting environment for our customers.  We take in pride in ensuring that we provide the best customer experience possible and with our dedicated team we can ensure that you will not be disappointed.

The Hosting Environment itself is Tier 4 N+N fault tolerant environment which is very secure with 24/7 security 356 days a year and full high quality CCTV security system.

With diverse Data routes and Power routes into the building this enables us to be resilient from outages.  Our servers are located in a well air conditioned environment which adopts the hot and cold aisle theory to help maintain optimal room temperature for optimal performance from our Servers.  Very early smoke detection (VESDA) and Suppression equipment are installed in all server locations which will ensure that if a fire would to start this would then be alerted and then the fire to be isolation and defused without any real danger to any other device or server.

Power to the servers are fed as N+1 redundant power we have basically 2 separate independent feeds coming into each rack which then supply our servers.  Should one of these fail then there are double backup batteries that will take on this load.  If there is a major outage then the backup Generators with diesel onsite will ensure that our services are running without any interruption at all times.

Data Bandwidth we currently have 2 diverse routes into our firewalls which are backed up further with more resilience along the way.  We are not restricted with bandwidth and we can support up to a Gigabit of traffic externally.  Our networks are connected to two independent building for total resilience and which we are currently backing up further with a hop into Telehouse North in London which will give us total failover coverage should we need it.  With direct routes out of Telehouse North we can ensure that Europe’s major internet exchanges are to hand and some of these include:

LINX – London Internet Exchange

LONAP – London Access Point

FRANCEIX – France Internet Exchange

SFINX – Global Internet Exchange

DE-CIX – German Commercial Internet Exchange

The hardware and Servers that we use are all under full vendor support which majority are covered within an 8 hour repair.  Reach Internet has invested heavily in new technology and this has helped the reliability of our infrastructure.  We are partners of Fujitsu who we use for our hosting environments other vendors include APC, Cisco etc.

Most day to day administration is done via a secure link to our platforms which we monitor 24/7 365 days to help ensure a reliable service for our portfolio of clients.  Where remote administration is not possible our support staff can attend to the site promptly to attend to any urgent issues.

Reach Internet’s hosting environment can serve your requirements for many years to come.

For more information please contact us or give us a call.

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