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Hosting Services

Reach Internet offers various hosting solutions to both existing and new customers alike and we have been providing these services to our existing customer base for many years.  We specialise in hosting, primarily on Windows platforms enabling us to offer our clients reliable Email and Web Hosting at a cost effective price.

Email Services

Our Email Hosting using Gordano Messaging Suite has enabled us for a number of years to offer reliable and robust email solutions on a Windows environment.  We are able to meet small and medium to large business needs, we provide POP/IMAP and SMTP Feed solutions or any combination of these.  Depending on the size of your company and the number of email accounts that you need, we can tailor our packages to suit your specific requirements. With a reliable messaging solution users can collect their mail on various devices such as PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad and Android devices. There is also a Webmail client that users can access from any web browser anywhere around the world, this allows you to access your mail whenever and wherever you may be.

Our mail servers support both StartTTLS and SSL encryption so for POP and IMAP clients you can have a secure connection to send and receive email. These security features will allow you to send secure messages over our mail servers. Data is sent over a secure SSL connection by using public keys and certificate pair which are issued by an issuing authority. Anyone trying to intercept or listen into these communications will only see an encrypted message and trying to decode it will take them a very long time.

With specialist SPAM fighting techniques we try and keep this to a minimum and keep our email servers SPAM free. We use technologies such as Spamhaus ZEN Engine this is a very widely known solution used to reduce spam before it hits our systems. Spamhaus ZEN is a real-time Database of all IP-based DNSBL’s which contains SBL, SBLCSS, XBL and PBL blocklists. If a host is identified which Spamhaus identifies as sending, hosting or being the origin of Unsolicited Bulk Email it is added to the Spamhaus blacklist, then any connections from these hosts will be dropped by our mail servers instantly.


Reach Internet Total Control solution allows users to control what they wish to receive and helps eliminate unwanted mail. Using this solution your mail enters Total Control at the first stage then each mail is checked to see if it is real or spam. Once checked the mail is sent to the Reach Mail servers and then you are you are able to collect your mail. The process takes milliseconds for the mail to filter to our systems and users have full control on what they want to receive or block. Each email is checked for Spam and Viruses to ensure that you are fully protected. Each user will receive daily quarantine reports and at any time they can also enter their quarantine area to check if any legitimate mail has been inadvertently blocked. Reach Total Control is very user friendly, users can be added and removed easily as and when required so it is very flexible. Inbound and Outbound mail can be filtered, it is very easy to configure and your clients will be reassured that your mail is safe to open.

Web Hosting

Working with Windows operating systems Reach Internet can provide reliable Web hosting on IIS version 7 on Windows 2008 Server and IIS version 8 on Windows 2012 Server. With supported application development features such as ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, PHP and MySQL IIS is a reliable solution.

We are also in our final testing stages of our Linux hosting platform which should be available later this year. We will be offering our clients Web hosting on Linux based Cent OS with cPanel support so that you can fully manage your website.

Web Statistics

Website statistics can be generated from the analytical data collected from your website as each user browses your site. Reach Web Stats provides users with real time reporting such as hits per hour, location of users, search engine, pages visited etc. All this information can help bring more traffic to your site and help optimise your site so that only driving information is published.

DNS Services

Using the market leader in DNS technology Infoblox DNS helps to provide our network with a solid foundation for our products and services. Our DNS delivers high performance reliable and secure DNS over High Availability pairs located in different Data Centres across the UK to ensure virtually 100% reliability and uptime.

Colocation Solutions

No matter if it’s one server or a rack of servers Reach Internet can provide competitive colocation services, if you have your own servers and want them installed into a secure location this is also a possibility for you. We can enable remote management for your devices over a secure connection giving you full manageability for them. Our in house firewalls can ensure that only the required services are visible to the locations required. Bandwidth can be increased or decreased to meet your individual needs, with a 99.99% SLA to ensure reliability and uptime, our colocation services are rarely compromised.  We have a wide range of clients who we currently provide colocation services to from small businesses to enterprise organisations.






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