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LAN Technologies

LANs allow high-speed communications over short distances such as homes, office and building communication. Reach Internet has vast experience in both LAN hardwired network technologies and wireless technologies; we are able to design and implement computer networks for homes and businesses. Our experienced engineers can design various networks to suit your needs whether you wish to simply share an Internet connection or printer, have central data storage or access an entire range of network applications. After a site survey we can design a network to match your needs, we can then evaluate what cable technology to use and provide network hardware to match your needs.

Reach Internet can offer the following Cabling technologies:

CAT 5E – can provide Gigabit Ethernet over copper and offers transfer rates of up to 1000 mbps. This technology is most widely used in network topologies however it is being replaced by newer technologies such as CAT6 and Fibre. This technology is the most cost effective solution available and easy to install.

CAT 6 – a newer technology similar to Cat 5E but provides 250MHz bandwidth rather than 100MHz this means less noise and less errors. Provides Gigabit Ethernet over copper and offers rates of up to 1000 mbps and 10Gbps. This technology is a lot more expensive but is more reliable than traditional solutions.

CAT 6a – Similar to Cat 6 but provides 500MHz bandwidth and can provide 10Gbps over longer lengths. A lot more expensive and pretty difficult to install as the cable is a lot thicker and much more heavier. However the results that can be achieved with this technology are a great benefit.

We use only quality hardware components to terminate our cabling solutions and once installed we test each connection multiple times to ensure no failures exist. Once we are fully happy we will provide a full test report and together with a Test Certificate. We also ensure that the end users are able to understand the installation and provide easy to follow documentation.

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