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uk Domain Names

All .uk domains are Top Level Domains (TLDs) and are managed by Nominet who are one of the leading internet registry companies in the world. They are responsible for the stability and security of one of the largest internet registries with over 10 million registered domain names.

The UK Domain Family also uses what are called Second Level Domains, or SLDs. This part of the domain address comes directly before the TLD and after the name of the website. For example the org in .org.uk and the co in .co.uk are both SLDs.

When we register a domain on your behalf you are entering into two separate contracts; one is with us the “Registrar” and the other is with Nominet the “Domain Registry”. The contract with Nominet is binding and as such you are bound by their Terms and Conditions which we will accept on your behalf. Registration of a domain does not mean you become the owner of that domain, you only become the holder. As such you are entitled to use the domain for an agreed period of time. However, if the domain is not renewed when it expires then after a grace period it will be deleted from the registry and will be available for anybody to register again.

When choosing a .uk domain name there are certain rules that you must abide by that are set by Nominet. Each domain may only comprise of the twenty six unaccented Roman letters a-z inclusive, the digits 0-9 inclusive and hyphens. It is also the responsibility of the registrant to keep Reach Internet advised of any change of address or contact details that may change over time, this ensures that should there be any problems with your domain(s) we have the latest information to hand. As part of the initial registration Nominet will also carry out a data validation check on public databases to ensure that name and address details are correct. It is important to note that a link between the registrant’s name and address is not required. It is understood that the address given as a point of contact may be different to the address the registrant is directly associated with.

For a more in-depth explanation of domain registration rules please check here.

For more information please contact us or give us a call.

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